Is There Sugar in Jam?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Jam can be made without sugar, but it all depends on how much sugar is in the fruit itself. For example, my peach jam doesn't have any sugar, but most other jams do have sugar. I use the absolute minimum amount of sugar that I can in order to get the jam to set. So the simple answer is yes, there is sugar of one kind or another (i.e. natural to the fruit or cane sugar or another sweetener). I do not ever use corn syrup or other sweeteners in my jam. Sugar or nothing. I tried honey, but that didn't work out and that makes the jam too expensive. I've been asked about Stevia and other substitutes for the sugar. I would need to use a different pectin (more like gelatin) that I've heard makes it seem like jello - i.e. doesn't have the right consistency. I've also heard you can boil the fruit down too, but that makes the jam considerably more expensive with the same result (it's just "natural sugar" I guess).




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